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The art of nature in another dimension

Natural Art in 1998 invented a new method of plating on natural materials. Patented method (No1004096).Since then the method has evolved with amazing results.

Natural Art continues to create unique objects and works of art, always using the same demanding technique of plating.

The Art of Nature

Natural materials, mainly plants, are collected from privately owned nurseries or arrive at the site by selected partners. There they receive the care befitting such sensitive materials. The creator carefully selects and shapes the objects that will always be created based on the philosophy of Natural Art.

The sequel is almost magical. Natural materials are coated with various layers (13) basically metal in order to stay natural but at the same time to acquire the strength required so that Natural Art can guarantee that their shape will not be altered for life. Aesthetic perfection is completed with the final coating of pure gold 24k, pure silver of a thousand degrees or the coating with pure brass. Whatever metal is chosen for the final result, the works continue to accept the intervention of the author in order to meet the aesthetic criteria he has set.

Vaios is today the creator who has custody of all the works presented by Natural Art. His vision is the creation of objects and works of high aesthetic value that represent the origin of the natural materials on which he creates. Greece is the country that lives and creates and this is evident both through the natural materials it uses and from the influences it has received.

“-I want to give everyone a piece of Art”



The art of nature in another dimension