• Schinos
    The Schinos (mastic tree) (ref. name:Pistacia lentiscus) is a species of evergreen shrubs with a very large spread in the Mediterranean area. A variety of mastic […]
  • Myrtia
    Myrtle is a species of plant belonging to the genus Myrtos (Myrtus) and the family of Myrtaceae. The genus Myrtos includes around 75 species, which thrive […]
  • Olive
    OLIVE: SYMBOL OF PEACE, VICTORY AND IMMORTALITY The Greeks were the first people to grow the olive tree in the European Mediterranean area. It has been […]
  • Oak
    VELANIES: POWER AND RESISTANCE SYMBOL Belondia: symbol of strength and endurance was the sacred tree of the ancient Greeks. The sacred tree of Gaia and later […]