Decorative Handmade Tree Myrtle Brass Oxidation

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Decorative true Myrtle with bronze and green patina. A unique handmade work to decorate your office or home. You can get it at free shipping costs and in gift packaging.

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Decorative handmade true Tree Myrtle Brass Oxidation. A unique handmade work to decorate your office or home.


Myrtia was the sacred tree of the ancient Greeks. The sacred tree of Gaia and later of Zeus. Myrtia was a tree dedicated to the god of thunder because its resistance to lightning was long known.

Myrtia was the sacred prophetic tree of the Oracle of Dodoni, the oldest oracle in the world. The oracles were given by the interpretation of the throes of the leaves of Myrtia, the cellaring of the water of the sacred spring, the cracks of the sacred doves that cried in Myrtia.

Myrtia was also the sacred tree of the Greek royal houses of Macedonia, historically and archaeologically proven this with the multitude of finds found in the royal Macedonian tombs. The leaves of the oak were the decorations of golden crowns and in particular the golden crown of the King of Macedonia Philip II.

You can obtain the Decorative Handmade True Tree Myrtle Brass Oxidation in luxurious gift packaging. Each project is different and unique since each of them starts from a different part of a plant. Get your own unique work of art that will remain unchanged in time.

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